Nice Essay about Generation X

Check out this well-written essay by Helen Mosher about Generation X and the value we bring as "translators" between Boomers and Millennials. It not only talks about some interesting dynamics that I have also noticed about Gen X being sandwiched between two larger generations, but she also sheds some light on the ongoing "debate" about social media. I hadn't made the generational connection to that conversation. Here is her conclusion:

Don’t skip Generation X. We’ve seen it more than once. We’ve heard you ask how to reach us, and seen you form committees hoping to find the magic pill that will get us back in to your idea of an organization. To be honest, you might not. At least, not through the means you’ve traditionally reached out to people. In the new world, you don’t just program and broadcast; you invite, share and participate. I understand that it’s difficult to turn a ship around, and for an organization of any size to embrace change quickly is a frightening prospect. But by the time you bust out your magnifying glass and whittle down to the details of the new media environment and position yourselves in the emerging economy and get all that together in a strategic plan for the new millennium that started when folks my age actually WERE still under 30…

It’s not enough to study us. Listen to us, yes, hire us, absolutely. But most importantly—

Join us.

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