I started a Meme

Without intending it, I seemed to have started a meme with my "Top 3" post last week on leadership. I wrote it thinking about what advice I would be giving someone early in their career so they could focus on developing their leadership capacity. I came up with know yourself, understand systems, and learn to communicate.

Jeff De Cagna then spontaneously did a blog post about his three (take responsibility, be courageous, embrace learning) and, better yet, tweeted about it, which got the whole meme thing rolling. Now Deirdre Reid and Maddie Grant and Bruce Hammond have weighed in (and it's all awesome stuff; take the time to read those posts).

So show us what you've got, blogosphere! What are your "top 3" things people need to do, learn, focus on, etc. in order to become more effective leaders. Do a blog post about it (or even just comment here if you don't have a blog). I promise to do a post at the end of the week that links to everything out there, so let me know via comments or by messaging me on twitter when you do one.

I know most blog memes involve "tagging" others to do it. I am reluctant, since I never was a big fan of chain letters. On the other hand, I really do want to here what a few people have to say about this topic. Consider it optional, but how 'bout it folks:

Dave Sabol
Lindy Dreyer
Joe Gerstandt
Sandra Giarde
Eric Lanke
Bob Wolfe
Jeffrey Cufaude
Elizabeth Engel

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  1. Sandra Giarde
    13.04.2009 at 9:50 pm

    Thanks for the tag!
    My top three:
    1) Be honest – Be honest with yourself, your members and your leaders. This includes telling your board what they *need* to hear and not what they *want* to hear. Sometimes it’s gonna hurt and there are days that they will hate you for it but you gotta do it. Resist the siren song of half-truths and “spin.”
    2) Be mindful – This one covers so many bases! Be mindful of your actions and how they impact others (your staff, your co-workers, your leaders, your members). Be mindful of your culture, your surroundings and landscape ahead as well as the landscape behind. Being mindful helps you to be one who acts as opposed to being one who reacts but it also allows you to act in a manner appropriate to your group and the situation at hand.
    3) Push for Progress – Always be asking how you can do something better, faster, more efficient. Never stop the quest for improvement. Achieve your goal, celebrate it and then turn around and improve on it.

  2. 15.04.2009 at 9:49 am

    Hey Jamie – just wrote my 3 to go live Thursday morning April 16.

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