Holiday Gift: A New Blog!

The Common ThreadI know, I know! You were probably just thinking to yourself, how is it possible that Jamie hasn't created a new blog recently?

Well it wasn't just me. The whole staff at Management Solutions Plus (where I work) has created a blog. Although association blogging is quite established now, we noticed that Association Management Companies were only just getting into the fray, so we decided to jump in as well.

It's called The Common Thread (MSP's tagline is "Where Success is the Common Thread"). It's a multi-author blog, open to every one of our staff, and so far we've got posts not only from Beth Palys (the President and owner of the firm), but Heidi Zimmerman (one of our Execs), Angela Pike (from Member Services), and Jon Benjamin (our graphic designer) have all done posts. Okay, I wrote some too, but you expected that!

Please visit and subscribe and comment and tweet and do whatever other social media verbs you can think of. We are all happy to be contributing the association blogosphere and look forward to the conversation.

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