Truth and Authenticity in the Digital Age

That's the title of the session that Maddie Grant and I will be delivering at the upcoming ASAE & The Center Great Ideas Conference, at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. I am a big fan of the Great Ideas Conference, as evidenced by the fact that I have been to every single one of them, since their inception back in the GWSAE days. It has morphed over the years, but I still hold it in my mind as a place where I (as a speaker) can push the envelope a bit and challenge people a little more.

Hence this topic. It's deep and broad at the same time, touching on individual identity online, but also talking about organizational culture and transparency. Maddie and I will be outlining how the social internet is changing the way we operate in organizations, from the blurred line between personal and professional, to a more decentralized understanding of how "brand" works. 

I'll post a recap after the session on Monday, because I'm sure the participants are going to add as much to the conversation as Maddie and I do, and if you can't be at the conference, be sure to follow the Twitter stream at #ideas10

Oh, and we didn't do "slides." Following the lead of the Graphic Designer in my office, we're using the online presentation software, Prezi. You can view our presentation online.

Let's Talk About Workplace Culture
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