Playing Small Doesn't Serve You or the World

I had the great misfortune to be doing my own presentation at Great Ideas while the Ignite sessions were going on, which is too bad, because I heard they were awesome. Fortunately, they were recorded on video so I've been able to watch some, most notably the presentation on flying your freak flag by my friend and honorary long lost brother, Joe Gerstandt. It's only five minutes. Check it out.

The world needs the whole you. I can't hear this message enough, and I bet that is true for most of us. It's so easy to play small. To not stand up. To not be yourself. To not be a rockstar. We can think about it. Maybe next time we'll express ourselves fully. Maybe next time we will be powerful. The timing isn't quite right. We need to prepare more before we do that.

Bull. The world needs the whole you, and it needs it now. It does not serve you to play small, and it doesn't serve the rest of us either. Have you noticed how things aren't automatically getting all better in the world? Hmmm. We all need to be playing bigger. It doesn't mean bigger than everybody else or being the best in the world. It's just letting the full you out, because we all need it.

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