Are CEOs “Getting It” Before the Rest of Us?

ibmcoverGet a copy of IBM’s recent report on research they did with CEOs (hat tip to SmartBrief for pointing me there). I promise to do some more specific blog posts about it, because it has some important material in there, but I’ll just start with a collection of the sidebar quotes from the CEOs themselves. It looks like these CEOs are moving forward pretty quickly. Maybe even faster than we tend to give them credit?

“We wanted to hire ‘workers,’ but ‘human beings’ show up. Social media is driving that. Work is becoming an expression of personal values.”

Arkadi Kuhlmann, Founder, ING Direct USA


“As CEOs, we need new ways of running the organization — or more accurately, we need novel ways of letting the organization run.”

Shaun Coffey, CEO, Industrial Research Ltd.


“To increase innovation, we will need to transform our organizational culture to be more open and dynamic.”

Jing Xirui, CEO, Beijing-Fanuc Mechatronics


“Enhancing the capabilities of our employees is a key factor for our group’s competitiveness. We must leverage the strengths of those with various backgrounds to generate new value and achieve sustainable growth.”

Koichiro Watanabe, President and Representative Director, Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company

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