How Culture Drives Employee Engagement

I had the great honor this week to present with Robert Barnes of Fitness Australia this week at the ASAE Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA. We talked about the work both he and I have done to strengthen the culture at his organization, though I will admit fully he has done a lot more work on it than I have. Long before he read Humanize, Rob was crafting a culture around a phrase that staff had coined--TeamCool--in order to get better performance. When he read Humanize, he realized our "trellis" described what he had already been doing, so then he and I worked on changing specific processes inside his organization (like performance management and hiring) to further reinforce what they were doing.

In May of this year, Rob spoke at an Australian Conference, and the staff (on their own!) decided to produce a video on what it means to them to be a part of the TeamCool culture. He also included the video in our presentation in Atlanta. See the video below (or click on this link if you can't see it):

I just love this video. Remember, the staff produced this video on their own and asked Rob to share it at the conferences. It wasn't the PR department that asked for this, and it wasn't the boss asking for it to make them look good. The staff did it because they are that excited about their own culture. Want employees like those who really own their job and go above and beyond what is required? Then start like Rob did, with an assessment of your organization based on the Trellis. Contact me for details.


Let's Talk About Workplace Culture


  1. 22.08.2013 at 3:15 pm

    I love that this staff got so involved! Culture is such a key indicator for organizational performance. To be able to share that in a such a visual way helps other organizations really see practical benefits of keeping everyone involved, engaged, and informed and reinforces that you’re building something together. Thanks for sharing Jamie!

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