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teamworkWe're heading into the end of the year, which is a good time to show some appreciation to staff for all their hard work. So instead of that annual chuck on the shoulder and Starbucks gift card, why not actually invest in them? Show them you care that they are successful. Give them the time and the resources to build the skills they need to succeed. Oh, and it helps that you'll be building the organization's capacity for getting things done in the process.

I'm offering a new half-day workshop for staff:

The Foundations of a Collaborative Culture: A Professional Development Workshop for Staff

This 3-hour workshop will build your staff’s skills and help them to collaborate better internally. The workshop provides a framework for developing four areas of organizational culture that support the kind of collaboration we need in order to be successful today:

  • Communication: Communication skills in the digital age include how to structure internal meetings for the best results; how to communicate electronically in the most effective way (including learning to avoid pitfalls around email use); and how to translate information for different levels of the management hierarchy.
  • Conflict: Collaborative cultures accept conflict as a good and natural part of doing business—particularly when they learn how to handle it early on, and without all the drama.
  • Clarity: True collaboration requires holding yourself accountable to a higher standard of clarity when it comes to things like strategy and internal roles and responsibilities.
  • Measurement: The point of collaboration is getting results, and if the whole team can’t see (and measure) those results, it’s hard to generate shared accountability.

The workshop kicks off with a conversation about all four focus areas and the key shifts in each that will enable better collaboration. Then we dig more deeply into two of the areas (I recommend communication and conflict) through interactive exercises and real-life scenarios. We close with some commitments on how everyone will apply this learning in your workplace.

You and your team will walk away with the skills to foster a more collaborative culture, which is essential to today’s fast evolving business environment.

Fee: $4,000

Oh, and if your reaction to this idea includes "Hey, but what if I invest in my staff and then they decide to leave?" Well, I have one question for you: What if you DON'T invest in your staff...and they decide to stay?

Contact me to schedule a workshop.

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