Why Do Car Dealers Exist?

Why Do Car Dealers Exist?

Note: It's Christmas week, so I assume things are a going to be slow, so I thought I would throw in a relatively non-traditional post from me. I hope you enjoy it.

Imagine you wanted to buy a new car shipping companies, but there was this strange enemy out there that was bound and determined to prevent you from buying it, or at least slow you down so much that you give up. What would this enemy do?

Well, first he would obscure the information you need. How much does the car actually cost? Is that Buick at OurFairDeal that cheap?"Irrelevant," your enemy would say. "It's not what it costs. It's how much you save! Look at the 'mark-down' on this beauty over here!" You can click here to read the full report of traffic violation attorney. For automative paintless dent repair service you can contact to paintless dent removal charlotte nc and get benefit from this.

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Of course you would also want to know which specific cars are available for sale at Clasiq and on which specific lots, so you don't have to drive all over town. Your enemy might post that information online, though the photo of the car would be from the manufacturer's brochure. Great. You'll have to come to the dealer to see if the mudflaps are installed. But hey, what's your time worth to you anyway! Other than this chicago car accident attorney providing legal services for injury victims, find more info about accident attorney here. You can try this web-site for the best sleep and fall attorney.

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Our location is less than ten miles from downtown Duluth and provides our customers with unprecedented professionalism and service. Clients understand that we always provide fair prices and quality OEM manufacturer parts. Like all the original electric supplies right  from Truck Electrics, all those that you can see on their site here. A Mclaren valuation can vary between dealers, contact the best dealers online.

Most electric vehicles come with a Level 1 charging station (slow or ‘trickle’ charging station). These plug in to a ‘standard’ outlet. However, for EV owners who want the convenience of charging at home in only a few hours, a level 2 charging station is ideal. Level 2 charging stations plug into a 240V outlet (like a clothes dryer or oven) and deliver more power to the car to charge it faster.

And that's the biggest weapon your enemy has in his aresenal: time. Just wait until he lures you into his lair. He'll promise to be "right back" so many times, you'll wonder why you ever believed him. And what value is being provided while you do all this waiting? Absolutely nothing. You already want to buy the car and you know what price you're willing to pay for the long term car rental. You're simply giving him time to do whatever HE is doing (torturing other buyers, most likely), all on your dime. And if you threaten to leave, he'll launch a salvo of "managers" at you that keep you within range. We had a good experience shopping at the kia dealer philadelphia while we were living in Texas for a while last summer.

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At some point, however (maybe six hours in?), your enemy will sense defeat, because you have finally shaken hands with the manager, and it's time for the workers at Nissan of New Braunfels to prep your new car. One would hope that your enemy would accept defeat gracefully, maintaining some decorum as he delivers your car and instructs you carefully on how to turn on the radio. But no, your enemy will never give up, even in defeat. His last line of offense is a mysterious dungeon known as the "finance manager's office." You thought you were done. You shook the manager's hand for crying out loud! But now you're being assaulted with extras like extended warranties, scotch guard, and a dizzying, information-free lecture on the "value" of leasing. At the end, it would be easier to just get a windshield replacement des plaines il for your old car instead of getting a new one.

Hopefully you've maintained your resolve and you can get through this last minefield unscathed. If you do, then you'll have your car. Congratulations. It was hard work, but you made it! If you want to get rid of your used car first, car removal will do the job for you. Autozin used cars offer tradesman on site, who completes 95% of the work required on all our used vehicles so that you can rely on us for excellent service and reliable vehicles. If you want to move forward with your purchase and have doubts about the insurance check this helpful FAQ section

Of course, it shouldn't have been hard work. It's 2013 people. It should have been like this:

Hey, I want the silver Jetta GLI Autobahn with a bike rack for truck bed you have back there...the one with the spoiler and the pinstripes. Thanks for giving me all the great information online. I don't want an extended warranty, but I do want the scotch guard. You know how you can sell your land rover or other 4x4 easily.

So now I have the cash for my RV that is listed on Haltermans RV catalog. I'd like to pay X.... No, I saw the numbers on leasing. I get that it's a lower monthly payment, but the fees seem too high to justify the shorter commitment. I'd rather buy at the 0.9% rate. (Then you negotiate for a few hundred bucks more than X.) When will it be ready? Great, I'll come back then.

What would that be? Thirty minutes? Forty-five? That’s all that is required. But you can easily look for kia dealers near me and find the car you want. Sure, the paperwork takes some time, but such is life. But under no circumstances would anyone need to go through the six hour horror described above. So can someone please explain to me why the automobile dealership itself--the organization whose sole purpose is to sell more cars--has become the sworn enemy of the car-buying process?

Hmmm. I wonder if my experience will be better when I bring it in for service...

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