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…combined with the right amount of humor. Jamie’s keynotes are practical and memorable.

Culture Change Made Easy

Everyone wants a strong culture that drives results and attracts top talent, but most leaders don’t understand how their culture operates, or which changes will improve it. Fortunately, award-winning author Jamie Notter can show you how to spot the hidden culture patterns that are standing between you and a stronger culture. He’ll also give you a concrete model for changing culture that you can start applying right away. Now is the time to get serious about culture, and Jamie will show you how.

Building a Culture of Innovation

Innovation has the power to truly change the game, but most organizational cultures derail innovation efforts in ways leaders can’t even see. Based in research from his new book, Culture Change Made Easy, Jamie Notter will break down the key culture patterns that prevent us from unlocking new value through innovation, and he’ll give you practical tips for changing your culture in ways that support more effective experimentation and learning. Learn how to create a culture where innovation thrives.

Preparing Your Culture for the AI Revolution

Artificial Intelligence is clearly a game changer, and it feels like we’ve only scratched the surface. But many organizations will miss out on AI’s potential, because their workplace cultures aren’t ready for it. Leveraging AI will require new ways of working, with a heavy focus on innovation and agility, but new research shows hidden culture patterns that can prevent that from happening. Sharing findings from his new book, Culture Change Made Easy, author Jamie Notter will show you how to fix those patterns and generate the specific behaviors and approaches that help you maximize the impact of AI at your organization.


He Made Us Think.

“Jamie exceeded all of our expectations. His lecture about Millennials and cross-generational cooperation was fabulous. On one hand he gave us advice, on the other he made us think. He’s not only an expert in his field but also a wonderful person and an absolute joy to work with.”

Laura Smrekar
Partner and Communications Director, Competo, Slovenia

No Dad Jokes.

“My dad doesn’t do dad jokes. My dad does comedy.”
Sophie Notter
Jamie’s youngest daughter, defending him to her college roommates who were annoyed at their dads’ jokes

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