2010 Year End

In 2010 I continued what I promised to to do in 2009, which is get "out there" more. I spoke at ASAE's Great Ideas and Annual Meeting, as well as local SAEs in California and Texas. I also made presentations at the annual meetings of NASC, ISEA, AMCi, HCAM, and VAR. I've enjoyed the speaking and look forward to growing that in 2011.

I had my first cover story in Associations Now this year (on truth), as well as a couple of articles on generations and social media published in the magazines and newsletters of some of the clients we manage at MSP. Blog post quantity wasn't up, but I've been writing better stuff, if you ask me, and now the total number of blogs I'm on is up to four!

I said I wanted to do more strategy work, and I did get to do that with two external clients, as well as the ongoing strategy work I do as an Executive Director of two associations. And I did some excellent work with the staff of an association that really wanted to change the way they were operating–also what I intended for 2010. 

For 2011, here's what I'm looking for. First, I want to write more. Okay, if truth be told, I HAVE to write more because I have made a significant commitment in that regard: Maddie Grant and I have a book deal with a major publisher, and the book will be out in September 2011! That's all I can say for now. We'll start talking more about it in the spring, but needless to say, this is EXTREMELY exciting. This will, however, likely lead to fewer blog posts this year. Sorry! I would really like to do an update to my Generations ebook this year (originally published in 2007. Yikes!), but I doubt I'll have time.

I'd also like to up my game on the speaking. In 2010 I started doing more keynotes and I'd like to continue that. I am enjoying the speaking–maybe even a little more than I thought I would–and I want to continue to develop my craft, particularly on issues related to leadership. I really love challenging people's assumptions about what leadership is and we "do" it.

Here's 2010 in numbers:

Miles running: 173 (down 164. Down 260 from two years ago. Ugh)
Miles biking: 1,655 (up 4)
United miles: 27,452 (up almost 9,000; back to premier!)
Following on Twitter: 908 (up 225)
Followers on Twitter: 1198 (up 435)
Tweets: 4,529 (1,204 this year; fewer than last year)
Facebook Friends: 273 (up 45)
Linked In Contacts: 267 (up 82)
Get Me Jamie Notter subscribers: 711 (up 210)
GMJN Posts: 604 (85 this year; that's down a bit)
GMJN Comments: 804 (131 this year)
GMJN Page views: 64,049 (16,130 this year)
Average Daily GMJN Page Views: 31.02 (up 2.82)
Hourglass Blog Posts: 2 (Thanks for writing the other 60 Eric!)
Common Thread Blog Posts: 16 (up 9)
SocialFishing Blog Posts: 12 (my new "Social Organization" column on Maddie and Lindy's blog)
Google Reader Feeds: 85
Email Inbox: 1337 (this is a problem)
Always Done It That Way Books Sold: 1,688 (102 this year; not bad for a 2006 publication!)
Generational Diversity Ebooks Sold: 104 (10 this year)