2012 Year End

Time once again for my annual year in review post. This has been a year focused heavily on the Humanize book. We’re very pleased to have sold nearly 4,000 copies in the first year of the book, and we look forward to more. I’ve also been particularly happy with the growth in keynote speaking as a result of the book. I’ll be honest: I didn’t start my career with the intention of being a professional speaker in addition to the consulting, but I really do love it.

So I look forward to expanding that speaking in 2013 but my biggest focus will be on expanding the consulting. The book has really helped me clarify the work I do, and it’s not simply about “humanizing” organizations (though we’re happy to help you with that). It’s about making things work right. Zeroing in on the parts of our work life that are lacking, and fixing them permanently (silos, trust, conflict, performance reviews, strategy, etc.). Humanize gives me anew lens on traditional management consulting, and I’m using it to help unlock new potential for my clients. More on this coming in January.

Here’s 2012 by the numbers:

Miles running: 66 (down 150. horrible! Not sure how to get running back in my schedule)
Miles biking: 1646 (up 181. Back to 2009 and 10 levels)
United miles: 32,035 (down 400)
Following on Twitter: 4,300 (up 2,784)
Followers on Twitter: 3,957 (up 2,052)
Tweets: 8,945 (2,796 this year; much more than last year)
Facebook Friends: 411 (up 58)
Linked In Contacts: 789 (up 380; realizing this is my primary contact list)
GMJN Posts: 788 (114 this year; up from last year)
GMJN Comments: 987 (53 this year, not counting pingbacks)
GMJN Page views: 114,797 (31,600 this year; 50% more than last year)
Common Thread Blog Posts: 12 (up 4)
SocialFish Blog Posts: 12 (some of my best posts are over there)
Google Reader Feeds: 107