2014 Year End

I wasn’t expecting 2014 to be a real transition year (I thought that’s what I had last year, actually, when I went back out on my own), but as soon as Maddie and I decided to launch a joint consulting firm together (Culture That Works LLC), our new directions picked up steam. We started getting more clients together (in addition to existing work we did separately), and also (as promised in last year’s post) started out on our next book together. As I write this, the book is basically done, though it won’t be released until March of 2015 (and we can’t wait!). The new book is titled When Millennials Take Over: Preparing for the Ridiculously Optimistic Future of Business, and will be published by IdeaPress. We’ve set up a pre-order page on our site, and once we finalize the last few details you will be able to add it to your cart.

Happy new year, everyone!

Here’s 2014 by the numbers:

Miles running: 229 (down 43)
Miles biking: 1475 (down 195)
Southwest flights: 40 (my new airline)
Southwest points: 112,342 (ask me about Companion Status)
Following on Twitter: 6,356 (up 1,217)
Followers on Twitter: 6,633 (up 996)
Tweets: 13,954 (2,459 this year; about the same as last year)
Facebook Friends: 459 (up 21)
Linked In Connections: 1,468 (up 198)
JN Posts: 109 (1,075 total; down from last year but hey, I wrote a book)
JN Comments: 50 (1,231 total, not counting pingbacks)
JN Page views: 44,207 (204,762 total; about the same as last year)
Switch and Shift Blog Posts: 1 (but I’ll have a series next year on the new book)
SocialFish Blog Posts: 8
Feedly Feeds: 74 (up 9)