2015 Year End

2015 Year End

This has been a pretty incredible year, actually. Some of it was amazing and cool (releasing our second book, growing our new company by a LOT), and some of it was amazing and not-s0-cool (cancer diagnosis, radiation, dropping 40 pounds in 4 weeks). But either way it was amazing. I also had a daughter go off to college this fall, and another daughter move in with me pretty much full time. As I reflect on it, I really haven’t had a year like this, probably ever.

Maddie and I are thrilled with how the book’s going. We’ve already gone through the first 2,000 hard copies, and our second print run should be delivered next week (and about half of those are already promised to speaking clients). We may do a paperback release in the middle of 2016. The speaking has been fabulous. I’m counting 29 events this year, and several events are booked all the way into May 2016. I did my first international keynote this year at the SHRM India Technology conference in Bombay (despite spending a total of only 15 hours in Bombay on that trip). The growth of the consulting business has been even more pronounced, with a growing list of clients who are engaging us for long-term projects. I’m really pleased with where we are right now.

Oh, and like every year-end post, I can hint at some big things coming in 2016, like maybe a new company (!?), and some new products (?!). Always moving forward!

Here is 2015 by the numbers:

Miles running: 119 (down 110)
Miles biking: 1,167 (down 308. I know both of those are down, but remember, I was completely out of commission for two whole months in the summer due to the radiation)
Southwest flights: 33 (down 6, but still made A-list preferred and Companion status)
Following on Twitter: 7,324 (up 968)
Followers on Twitter: 7,677 (up 1,044)
Tweets: 16,983 (3,029 this year; up about 600 from last year)
Facebook Friends: 491 (up 32)
Linked In Connections: 1,710 (up 242)
JN Posts: 79 (1,154 total; down 30; blogging is different now folks)
JN Comments: 17 (down 33; 1,248 total, not counting pingbacks; see above)
JN Page views: 30,174 (down by about one-third; see above)
Switch and Shift Blog Posts: 9
SocialFish Blog Posts: 9
Feedly Feeds: I hate to admit it, but I just don’t read RSS anymore.
Copies of WMTO Sold: 2,805 (though December numbers aren’t in)

Happy new year, everyone!

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