Okay, we are now entering the full-on launch portion of the book process. The Kindle version of When Millennials Take Over is now available for pre-order. We’re pricing it on the low-end for ebooks, $7.99, though we are still trying to see if we can pull off a discount special leading up to launch where we will sell it for $1.99 (I’ll let you know if that happens). The kindle version launches on March 1. The hard copy has been live for some time now, with a scheduled launch of March 12.

This week, we begin our webinars and google hangouts in support of the book! Tomorrow, Synervision is having Maddie and me on their web/podcast program, “The Nonprofit Exchange,” at 2pm eastern, and they are offering a Twitter contest where you can win an exclusive Google hangout (just 8 people) with us after the show for Q&A.

Thursday, Higher Logic is doing a Webinar with us, which will be awesome if for no other reason than the webinar description actually describes Maddie and me as the “King and Queen of Social.”

And more coming next week!

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Jamie Notter