Bring Your Nonprofit into the 21st Century

Time is running out to be a part of the inaugural “21st Century Nonprofit” program that Maddie and I are doing with NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Network. The program begins in early January, and you need to fill out a brief application in order to be considered.

It is primarily an online learning program, consisting of four webinars (one about each of the human elements we cover in Humanize: open, trustwrorthy, generative, and courageous), supplemented by online and telelphone conversations with all the program participants (and Maddie and me, of course). We’ll be giving homework and doing some individual organizaitonal coaching as well. Each participating organization is able to send three staff people to the program (but at least one of them needs to be at the management team level).

If you’ve been interested in the Humanize ideas, this is a great way to start acting on them within your nonprofit organization.

Information on the program is on the Humanize site, and that includes the link to the application form.

Join us!