Buzz 09

I don't normally do a whole lot of promotional blog posts. I certainly mention speaking engagements that I have and sure I like to plug the events that friends of mine are doing, though obviously I only plug them when I think they are valuable.

But I want to draw special attention to the one-day conference (Buzz09) that Lindy and Maddie are putting together in July. It is a "Social Media for Associations" conference that gets serious about social media and word of mouth. This isn't a "so what is Twitter?" conference. It's for senior-level marketing or membership staff, or CEOs of smaller associations, who are seriously focusing on social media.

You don't get this opportunity every day. Guy Kawasaki is doing the lunch-time keynote. He actually created a separate Alltop page for association management, as part of this event. Alltop–that gets 45,000 visits per day! Representatives from national companies like National Geographic and California Tortilla will talk about what they are doing. And this is all for a fairly intimate group of less than 100 people!

Maddie's post describes the details of what you'll get pretty clearly. I know our budgets to go to conferences are limited, but this is one that should likely be bumped up in the priority list.