Changes Coming to

oldblogIt feels like only yesterday that I made the shift from my original blog to the current (check out the full screenshot of Get Me Jamie Notter from back in the day–remember TypePad?). In fact, it’s been more than a year since I removed the “get me” from the domain name.

But now that Maddie and I have created Culture That Works LLC (and our corresponding new web site), I’m going to revise one more time. Culture That Works is where you’ll find information about my consulting and all the books, ebooks, and other products that Maddie and I are developing. Here you will find the blog (though not on the front page…most people read it via email, RSS, or social network links anyway), and all the details on my speaking. It will take some time for me to get the changes implemented, of course, and if the blog feed is affected I’ll let everyone know. But expect to start seeing things change, particularly in the other pages on this site.

And if you haven’t seen the new Culture That Works site, please check it out. We’ve put up material there that is either new, or in a new form:

Products. Part of our long term plan is to develop more products to help leaders (at all levels) create stronger cultures. For now, our products include the three books that Maddie and I have written, plus the two ebooks I’ve written, and there is a link to our culture assessment as well.

Consulting. With our focus on culture, we have developed a “Foundations of a Stronger Culture” process, which is fully customizable around our culture assessment.

Workshops. Another area we hope to expand moving forward, we’ve got three up there now focused on collaboration, aligning your culture with social media, and developing strategic principles.

Change is good. And please give me feedback as we move through it.