Changing the World in 2012

Maddie tagged me in a “how are you going to change the world in 2012” meme in a blog post last week. She was inspired by this post by Craig Newmark, and now she’s asked a whole host of us to talk about what we’re going to do in 2012 and how we’re going to change the world.

That’s a pretty big question. Maddie’s good at that.

So here’s what I’m going to do.

1. I am going to change the world with Humanize. Maddie mentioned this in her post too, obviously, so this is something we are going to do together, but I am committed to elevating the conversations that are inherent in Humanize and getting it out there in the world. I’m flat-out thrilled with the response we’ve gotten on the book. Danny Brown said it was one of the two best social media books to come out in 2011. Elizabeth Engel said it was genius. Eric Brown instructed everyone to “Buy it. Read it. Read it again… and then read it again. It is that good.” Yes, these people already knew us. But this feedback is serious, and it confirms that Maddie and I hit on something really big with this book. Now it’s time to expand the circle of people and networks who start using the book and really start changing our world, one (human) organization at a time.

2. I am going to change…change. I’m growing weary of the idea that change is hard, and that we resist change, and that change needs to be managed. Those ideas are all logical. They make sense. We have experiences that seem to fit with these ideas. I get it. But like the allure of “best practices,” these ideas are actually holding us back. They are convenient excuses for not stepping up and creating the organziations (and the world) that we need right now. The focus of my consulting in 2012 is going to be on creating change that works. It is going to be with people and groups who are interested in making things happen, solving problems, and moving forward. All of that requires change, but does NOT require fancy change management programs or motivational posters. It requires discipline and clarity and hard work and being human. But I know we can do it, so let’s get crackin.

3. I am going to change myself. I have to put my money where my mouth is, don’t I? If this change thing isn’t so bad, then I should prove it, right?

So I will.

I’m going to live my theory and change all the time, without drama or trauma. I will demonstrate that clarity and discipline that I’m talking about. I know it’s cliche, but changing the world really does start with you. All of us have room to step up, to be more responsible, to live bigger, to be clearer about our purpose, to be more honest with our selves and our systems, and to deliver the gift that the world needs delivered through us. So I am going to step up, and into it.

And in doing all of this, I am going to change the world.

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