Free Stuff

I redesigned my website. The old design had been there just a bit too long, and over time I kept adding bits and pieces here and there—and it showed.

So I cleaned up the design and reorganized things a bit. I am happy with what is up there, but I am always looking for feedback, so if you have specific suggestions, let me know.

One change I made was to change my section on “resources” (sounds very professional) to “free stuff” (clearer). Because it was a brand new design, I had to migrate all the content from the old version to the new version, which was quite tedious at times. But it helped me to realize how much stuff I have up there.

Over the years I’ve written sixteen articles, all of which are available as free downloads on the site. What surprised me even more is that I also have twenty-eight book reviews up there. I really did read all of those books! Okay, maybe not every page, but certainly most of them.

So if you’re looking for something to read, wander around my “free stuff” section for a while.