Getting Jamie Notter on a Monthly Basis

So I figure it's 2010, and I really ought to give this whole email marketing thing a try. How's that for cutting edge?

Seriously, starting in July I'll be putting out a monthly e-newsletter that I am calling "The Intercom" (as in, pressing a button on your desk intercom and shouting, "get me Jamie Notter!"). In it I will recap some of the blogging I do here, as well as covering posts I do on the SocialFish Blog, the Common Thread blog and the Hourglass blog. I'll also post updates on the organizational effectiveness work I do through MSP. let you know where I'll be speaking or presenting, and connect you with other resources I find helpful.

The newsletter is an "opt in" publication, of course, so I need you to actually sign up for it. Even though you've signed up for this blog, I don't like automatically signing anyone up for anything. So if you haven't already done so, please sign up by entering your name and email below. 

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