Yes, it’s that time of year again when I ask for your help. Although this is the first year (in the last ten!) that I will NOT be doing all four days of our annual “Ride Allegheny” bike ride from Pittsburgh to DC. With the book coming out at just about the same time, I didn’t want to commit to being gone those days, so this year, at most, I will be riding on the weekend portion of the ride.

And as many of you know, the ride is associated with a charity called Operation Second Chance. They provide support to soldiers who are recovering from injuries at Walter Reed Hospital. It’s everything from just a friendly face in a hospital room to significant home remodeling to make their space accessible for a wheelchair. In the winter they also supply gear for snow if they think you need help with your mobility. They do really good work that makes a difference.

So I am asking everyone, please, make a donation to Ride Allegheny. They help people who need their help, and they can’t do it without money. Give some of your money and help them out.

And if you want to have a great time and say you rode your bike from Pittsburgh to DC, then sign up for the ride! It’s expanded this year. We have a much bigger group this year with lots of support during the ride. The ride is Thursday to Sunday, October 6-9. There are four-day, two-day, and one-day options, so if you don’t feel up to the 300 mile version, you can do a shorter ride.


Jamie Notter