Helping Wounded Soldiers

Every year in October, someone gives me a ride up to Pittsburgh, drops me off there with my bicycle, and then I ride home. It's about 300 miles, and it takes me four days, and it's something I look forward to every year. I have a great time with my friends, I turn off the outside world for a while, and I push my body–all things I love to do. It's called Ride Allegheny.

Some friends of mine organized this ride back in 2001. I've done every year except the first, so this year will be my ninth trip. About five years ago, we decided it would be nice to make it a charity ride. We found a local charity that helps wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital, we asked everyone we knew to chip in some money, and I think we raised $5,000.

Since then, we've expanded our network, and the total raised so far has eclipsed $200,000. But since this is the 10th anniversary ride, we decided to up the ante, and we're trying to raise $100,000 this year alone. And of course, I'm going to ask you to give some money. I'm going to ask you to get your credit card out, click on the link below and donate whatever you can–$25, $100, $5,000, whatever. Because it's a good cause, and if you're reading my blog, you've at least heard of me, and maybe even know me personally.

But before you give, take a look at this video. Listen to the soldiers tell you what a difference it made to have Operation Second Chance support them. How they helped them make it through years of pain and recovery. Listen to their story.

Yeah. If you could help give one of those guys a break, wouldn't you?

Please give directly to Operation Second Chance, and let them know it's for Ride Allegheny. Thanks so much for helping.

**UPDATE: We are already at $25,000 raised this year, which is awesome, but that means we have $75,000 to go.