Humanize Webinar with NTEN

Next Tuesday Maddie and I will be doing a FREE  one-hour webinar in partnership with NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Network. In fact, one of NTEN’s staff members–Amy Ward– will be delivering the webinar with us. Maddie and I will cover some of the basic ideas in Humanize and then we’ll ask Amy to talk about some of the (many) ways that NTEN exemplifies what we talk about in Humanize. This is a great opportunity to hear a real-life example of what it means to be a human organization.

In addition to providing some nice Humanize content, the webinar is also our first opportunity to announce a new program that Maddie and I have developed with NTEN:

The 21st Century Nonprofit

We are extremely excited about this program. From the materials:

The 21st Century Nonprofit is a 3-month action-learning program designed to help you actually move away from the more mechanical and rigid management practices of last century and embrace a more open, transparent, and dynamic approach to the management and leadership of your nonprofit. The program will provide tools and analysis for developing and implementing change efforts internally, focusing particularly on using technology (social and otherwise) to move the needle on more effective leadership and management. Participants have the opportunity to learn from experts as well as peer-based learning and support from other nonprofit professionals who are going through similar efforts.

The program starts in January, so we’ve got some time, but there is an application form to fill out before you can register. We expect to get a dozen or so nonprofits to participate in this first go-round (you can have up to three staff participating in the program per organization), which is mostly virtual, but culminates with an in-person session at NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference.

So join us on the webinar (FREE!) to get a glimpse (via Amy and NTEN) of what a human organization really looks like, and learn more about a program that can help get YOU there!