Humanizing Business and Helping CFOs with Change

These are the topics of two presentations I’ll be giving next week.

The first is a session that I’ll be doing at BlogWorld Expo in New York City, along with my coauthor Maddie Grant and Amy Ward, who is the Membership Director at the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN). We’re part of the “Social Media Business Summit” track at BWENY, and our session will cover some of the basic ideas in Humanize, but will feature the perspective of Amy and her experience at NTEN, which is, in our book, one of the most Human organizations out there. She’ll be talking about very specific ways in which NTEN puts into practice what we write about in the book. The session is Tuesday afternoon, 3:45 to 4:45. Maddie and I will also be  doing a book signing Wednesday afternoon, along with several interviews while we are there.

The second session on Helping CFOs deal with change will be on Friday morning, at ASAE’s Financial, HR, and Business Operations Conference, in Washington, DC. This is the second time I’ve spoken at this event–I did the lunch Keynote years ago, on generational diversity. This session will be done with Charlie Tate and Joe Janela, two guys who are in the trenches in CFO-land. The three of us will be talking about “the Adaptive CFO,” and my part of the presentation will focus on how CFOs can be supportive of organizational change, particularly with the humanizing trends that I see going on. This session will be from 9:00 to 10:15 on Friday morning. Oh, and in case you needed another reason to come to this event, my honorary brother and fellow Freak-Flag-Flyer Joe Gerstandt will be doing the opening keynote on Thursday morning. You don’t want to miss him.

If you want to look ahead to coming months to see where I’m speaking, Maddie and I keep a calendar over on the Humanize book site. And if you’re interested in booking me (or Maddie) for one of your events, please contact Marsha Broniszewski at Infinite Speakers.