So it was almost two years ago (January 2016) that we announced WorkXO to the world. It’s the company that Maddie and I created with Charlie Judy, a cutting-edge HR leader in Chicago. At WorkXO, the three of us created the Workplace Genome, which I feel (with admitted bias) is the best culture assessment out there.

Today Maddie and I are announcing WorkXO Solutions (among a few other things). It’s just an offshoot of WorkXO—we created it as a separate company to house the consulting services that we’ve been developing around the Genome. Charlie’s going to continue running WorkXO as the software/assessment side of the business, which needs a different kind of attention and development right now to take it to the next level. That leaves Maddie and me to really grow the consulting side, and we’re super excited.

So first things first—Maddie and I have new email addresses (isn’t it funny how one’s whole world, it seems, revolves around an email address?!). I’m at and Maddie’s at, so make a note of it!

Second, we’re launching our first online training course. It’s a 7-part course on managing generational differences. I’ve been delivering generations training for many years (my ebook on generations first came out in 2007). Over the last two years I pulled it all into a 4-hour, in-person training program that has been really successful. So we just converted that into an online format, and I think it might even work better than the live version.

It’s open to individuals, though we assume that most people will get access to it through an organizational license (and associations take note, because it might be something you want to offer to members). Check it out here, and let me know if you have any questions, or if you want to be one of the first organizations to run a pilot.

Of course, Maddie and I are continuing to offer the innovative culture consulting that we offered while we were at WorkXO (and Culture That Works before that). It’s what we love to do, and now that we have the Genome as our discovery tool, and a solid methodology for creating both culture priorities and a culture playbook, the work is getting even better. We haven’t yet built up a WorkXO Solutions website, though we do have our basic information up on our training site.

We’re excited about this next evolutionary stage in our work. Thanks for being there with us.

Jamie Notter