I want to draw your attention to a very powerful piece written by Margaret Wheatley. She is a great leadership author, and I particularly like Leadership and the New Science and Finding Our Way. She spoke at a conference last June and talked about the topic of Fearlessness. I urge you to read her entire post here. It is phenomenal. Here’s a good part from the beginning:

So, what is there to fear about fear? I don’t know the answer to that question yet. So, I just ask you to consider it. But, it seems to me that a lot of our fear is based on wanting to protect and defend ourselves. And a lot of fear arises when we’re so focused on ourselves that we lose our engagement with the world. If the way out of fearfulness is to stop identifying so terribly with ourselves and with the self that we’re trying to protect and defend and nourish, then this leads us into the possibility that the way out of fearfulness is to connect with the greater world.

Jamie Notter