The launch date for our new book is rapidly approaching!

And as part of the launch, we are offering some special deals for organizations that are interested in bulk orders. We have produced a PDF flyer describing the different packages in detail, but basically if you want to order 100, 250, 0r 400 books, we’ll throw in a webinar and various speaking and consulting offers, depending on the package. (And if you’re interested in a different amount, contact me and we’ll work something out.)

These deals are ONLY available now, and they expire within about a month of the book launch, so you only have until mid-April to commit (though the speaking and consulting can happen later if you like).

This is an important conversation to have inside any organization, or among members of your association. We think leadership and management will undergo surprisingly big changes in the next few years, and this book will help you navigate those waters. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Jamie Notter