Silos, Politics and Turf Wars

There are more good business books out there than I have time to read. As I hear about them, I usually put them on that mental "I really should read that" list. Some of those make it to my house, but fewer of them actually get read.

But with Patrick Lencioni, it’s different. He is absolutely my favorite business author. Friday I was at an airport newsstand, of all places, and I saw that his new book was out. Without hesitation I paid full retail for it, and I was done with it by Saturday.

The book is called Silos, Politics and Turf Wars: A Leadership Fable about Destroying the Barriers that Turn Colleagues into Competitors. The topic is a good one, because everyone complains about it but few have answers for it. Interestingly, his answer is more about strategy than structure. I did a brief review of the book on my website, and I promise to dig into it more in my blogs, either here or at the Association Renewal Blog (where I do most of my "strategy" writing).

Either way, definitely put this on your "I really should read that" list.