Squidoo Lenses

Seth Godin’s blog has become one of my favorites lately, and in getting back in touch with all things Godin, I have also taken another look at Squidoo. Godin created Squidoo, and it is a very large collection of “lenses” on a huge variety of topics. Basically, each “lens” is a website created by an internet user on a topic he or she (hopefully) knows something about. It is an opportunity for anyone to display their expertise on any topic. Lenses have content on them, but they also have links to other sites, to books, to blogs, etc. The theory is that instead of just finding a bunch of random sites about a topic through Google, I find a lens on the topic and it points me to resources that have already been vetted by the expert.

So I decided to experiment with it and created two lenses: one on conflict in organizations, and the other on generational diversity. By the way, Jeff, who first pointed Squidoo out to me, did a lens on association innovation.

Take a look at the lenses and email me any feedback that you have.