Two Slide Shows on Humanize

I’m back from my Chicago/Belgium trip, and I had a GREAT time. I am posting my slides, below from the two presentations I did in Belgium at the Fusion Marketing Experience conference (which together cover all that I spoke about in Chicago, and then some).

The first presentation is the basic overview of the Humanize book. In it, I talk about the deep problems we have with the way we run today’s organizations (like how we haven’t seen significant innovation in management in over fifty years), and contrast that with the incredible growth of social media. I connect the trends by pointing out that social media has grown by connecting deeply to what makes us human, while management is failing because it is infused with “machine thinking.” I then talk about the four human elements we propose as guides for creating more human organizations (open, trustworthy, generative, and courageous), and then I dig into the first element, open, in a bit more detail.


The second session built upon the first and talked in more detail about how you can go about changing into a human organization. I presented a little bit on the larger model we present in the book, which is to connect the four elements to the three levels of change in an organization: culture, process, and behavior. But then I talked in more concrete terms about how you can move in this direction simply by solving the problems that people face in organizations when trying to implement social media, like duplication of efforts, silos fighting for control of social media, and lack of trust of younger staff to implement social media.


I was very pleased with both presentations, but particularly the second one, because it was the first time I was able to go one level deeper in talking about how you actually make your organization more human.

If you’re interested in me (or Maddie) speaking to your group about the Humanize book, check out our speaking page on the book site. It has all the details.