What I’m Reading

Okay, so I really don't do a regular "what I'm reading" post on this blog, for a couple of reasons. 

First, the stuff that I really love that I read on the internet tends to make its way into my blog posts (and I link to them there).

Second, I already put most of my favorite blog posts from other authors over on my posterous blog. It is actually a blog that was created for me automatically when I got the Pulse app for the iPad. It's a great app that allows me to read all my favorite blogs, and if I find something that I think is worth sharing, I tap the "pulse" button and it automatically posts it to my pulse blog.

So these days I have been intrigued by CV Harquail's post about diversity and inclusion, and Eric Lanke's post about collaboration, Umair Haque's post about a new approach to strategy, a Seth Godin post about what lazy really means, Maddie Grant's post about collaboration and learning organizations, and Joe Gerstandt's post on the future of diversity and inclusion work.

But you'd know all that if you just looked at (or subscribed to) this blog:

Jamie Notter's Pulse

And, of course, I also share a lot of links on Twitter.