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Most organizations suffer because their people don’t tell
the truth.

This is not about individual integrity. It is about an organization’s
internal capacity for allowing truth to be spoken at all levels, and it is
important because the avoidance of truth causes a serious drain on
productivity. Organizations without broad support for telling the truth tend to
suffer from:

  • Inefficiency (from work-arounds and delays caused by avoidance)
  • misunderstandings within and across departments/levels
  • mistakes, waste, and conflict stemming from lack of
  • low morale and weak strategy

It is far too easy to find examples of workplace behavior
where the truth is avoided. Things like not giving honest feedback. Not
confronting the real issues. Only saying things half way. This is the absence
of real truth, and it’s not just situational. It seeps into your culture, and it can be quietly devastating. It makes otherwise smart
CEOs ineffective. It makes talented teams low performers. It poisons
relationships between Board and staff or different departments. Any of this
sound familiar?

Unleashing the Power of Truth

It doesn’t have to be that way. If you make
some simple changes that focus on getting more truth spoken in your organization,
you will see problems like these shrink or disappear.
It’s easier said than
done, but it is possible. The changes that you will make will be in these four

  • Walk—the specific behaviors of individuals and teams
  • Talk—the words and statements of people in authority
  • Structure—the internal processes that inhibit truth
  • Culture—the organizational culture and systems for transparency
    and learning

Each organization will address these four areas differently.
Some changes can happen right away and others may take some time to effect.

Either way, you should start now.

Jamie Notter, Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness
at MSP, has developed a simple and focused consulting program that will build
capacity for truth and make your organization more effective and powerful. He
has been consulting to nonprofits and for-profit corporations for ten years on
issues of conflict, trust, teams, and strategy, and he has used that experience
to develop a customizable program that offers a range of levels of support to suit your particular needs and accommodate
your budget.

Truth Workshop and Roadmap ($3,000)
It starts with a truth workshop—you need to get the right
people together to jointly identify the specific areas of walk, talk,
structure, and culture where some concentrated effort on expanding truth would
help solve problems and build capacity. This is not some “encounter group”
where everyone bares their souls. This is a concrete, two-part workshop where
you can start taking responsibility—and action—for creating a better place to

The workshop is done in two half-day sessions. The first
session is primarily educational, getting people thinking and raising awareness
of how the lack of truth actually shows up in the organization. The second is
more action-oriented, where participants address the issues directly together
and begin to develop a roadmap for making change. The roadmap identifies where
you’ll change the walk, talk, culture, and structure of the organization in a
practical, implementable way. Do that, and you’ll solve problems and get better

Implementation Support
Once you have the roadmap, we provide optional implementation
support. You decide how integrated Jamie and MSP should be in your capacity
building efforts. There are four basic options available, to suit your budget.

Advice ($750 for 3 months)
consultation twice a month and unlimited email addressing questions, concerns
or advice on the design and implementation of change efforts based on the

Coaching ($1,500 for 3 months, per person)
Structured executive coaching for individuals as a part of
the change efforts. This can be with any individual in the system and involves
an initial in-person session followed by telephone conversations 2-3 times per
month for a minimum of three months.

Training ($2,500 half-day; $3,500 full-day)
Custom educational sessions for specific teams (or the whole
staff) in areas like conflict resolution, communication skills, or leadership
as part of your capacity building efforts.

Consulting ($5,000 and up)
Facilitated group processes to solve specific problems and
effect change in the areas of walk, talk, structure, or culture that have been
identified in the road map.

Figuring Out What to Do ($0)
Not sure how to get started? Call to talk through the
options and see whether this kind of work makes sense for you and your
organization. That is always free of charge.

Jamie Notter – (240) 404-6493




Jamie Notter