Applying the Digital Mindset Internally

easyOne of the hallmarks of technology and software design is the focus on user and user experience. As I pointed out last month, organizations typically do not consider their internal users (i.e., employees) when they design the organization and its culture, but they probably should.

Early technology design was not so user-friendly. We had clunky systems with really thick manuals. The designers did things the way it made sense to them, and the users had to figure it out. Today the standard has shifted. It must be easy for the user. If you have the choice between making it easier for the user or making it easier on the designer or the tech company, you always choose to make it easier for the user.

Companies that embrace the digital mindset feel the same way when it comes to their employees. Put a different way, if you have to choose between making it harder for the employee or harder on the company (and its senior managers), then you choose to make it harder on the company.

Not a lot of organizations choose this path. Those that do tend to have an easier time attracting the best talent, and don’t seem to be suffering at the bottom line either.