Article Downloads

It’s a little late to be reporting 2007 statistics (so sue me), but I finally looked at the numbers for views/downloads of the articles I have up (for free) on my website. In 2007 the articles were downloaded 14,501 times, up from about 8,500 the year before.

Topping the list, as usual, is the article I wrote years and years ago about generational diversity. Over its life, that article has been hit nearly 18,000 times, which always bugs me, because of all the things I’ve written about generational issues, that is probably my least favorite. But it shows up high in Google, so it gets the views.

The number two article was one I introduced at the beginning of last year on Reinventing Staff Meetings. It jumped ahead of the article on Conflict and Trust, which has traditionally been the second most popular. The Staff Meetings articles was an offshoot of one of my entries in the Always Done It That Way book.

But all seventeen articles still get viewed, if only ten or fifteen times per month. Just doing my part to fill in the long tail!


  1. 02.04.2008 at 6:11 pm

    That is because you rock. : )