ASAE & The Center Annual Meeting Presentation

For those of you that will be attending the ASAE & The Center annual meeting in Boston this August, I’ll be doing a session about conflict. I’ve done a lot of sessions for ASAE & The Center, but this is the first (believe it or not!) that I have done on conflict. Here are the details:

Date: Saturday, 08/19/06

Time: 3:30PM – 5:00PM

Title: Overcoming Your Association’s Fear of Conflict

Description: Why is everyone afraid of conflict? Tension and frustration can result from unsuccessful conflict confrontation, but avoiding conflict can only make a situation worse in the end. This experiential session will identify the key skills and approaches necessary to overcome the hurdle of conflict avoidance. Gain a better understanding of the dynamics that drive conflict situations and practice methods you can use back at the office to maneuver through difficult conversations.

Note that the workshop is on Saturday (new for ASAE this year, I believe). If you have something speicfic you’d like me to include in the workshop, let me know!