Conflict Is Good

Check out this neat post on Signals v Noise about conflict being good for business. I like that they emphasize that you have to be careful about how you start the conflict:

If you decide to stir the pot, be sure to do it in a mature way:

Be sincere. Don’t make up conflict just so you can get noticed. If you’re just fishing for attention without any real passion behind your views, people can tell.

Don’t get nasty. Personal attacks, unfounded criticism, or frustration-induced lash outs make you look mean and petty.

Elevate the discussion. Go for the tone of a courtroom battle where both sides argue ideas in the hope of getting to the truth. Ideally, you and your opponent can clash over ideas yet still hug it out afterwards.

I’m not so sure about the courtroom part–I don’t associate courtroom battles with elevated discussion, I associate them with adversaries twisting words and ideas to make them sound better. But I do like elevating the discussion, and that can be hard in conflict situations.