Culture Diagnostic and Coaching Programs

Culture Diagnostic and Coaching Programs

Maddie and I are introducing two new products to help you create stronger cultures and get better employee engagement:

  • Culture Diagnostic + Workshop
  • Culture and Engagement Coaching for Senior Executives

In the Culture Diagnostic + Workshop, we will give you just enough information about your internal culture to start improving it in ways that generate results. The truth is,  a full culture assessment takes time and costs a lot of money. Don’t get me wrong–a full culture assessment is completely worth it. It unlocks competitive advantage that you can’t achieve through strategy or implementation alone. But you have to be ready to invest those resources to make it work. So we decided to create a service that would give you the bare minimum you need to start moving the needle on culture. Read more about the Culture Diagnostic + Workshop here. [Update: find our information here.]

In a similar vein, in our Culture and Engagement Coaching program we have created a resource specifically designed to support CEOs and other senior leaders in improving culture and employee engagement, regardless of where they are on the culture journey. CEOs and Senior Executives have a special role in culture and employee engagement work, so our coaching program helps them maximize their own impact Read more about the Culture and Engagement Coaching here.

Foosball tables extra, of course. 😉