#CultureChat This Thursday on Culture Assessments

#CultureChat This Thursday on Culture Assessments

This Thursday at 1pm ET we will host another #CultureChat on twitter, and the topic will be assessments. CultureChat is a (now) monthly chat on twitter for anyone interested in the topic of organizational culture, and particularly those who want to create strong ones (fourth Thursday of the month, 1pm ET). Our previous chats discussed the impact of the Millennial generation on cultures today and the role of HR in culture work.

Thursday’s topic will focus on culture assessments. There are a lot of assessments out there, so how do you know what works the best? Can you even measure a messy thing like culture using an assessment? Join us for a fast-paced discussion on the nuances, challenges, and opportunities that lie in the world of culture assessments.

And this Thursday we welcome a new  co-host to #CultureChat: Live In The Grey. They offer resources to both companies and the workforce at large around culture, recognizing that it’s never just a black-and-white issue, thus we must all learn to “live in the grey.” We’re excited to have them join the conversation.

Here are the questions we have in store for Thursday. Join us and spread the word:

  • Q1: Why is assessing your culture valuable? How do you actually use it?
  • Q2: What are the most important things to measure in a culture assessment?
  • Q3: Can you really assess your culture objectively? How can assessments work if culture is so “messy”?
  • Q4: How should leaders react to “negative” results from a culture assessment?