Does HR "Own" Culture?

Does HR “Own” Culture?

Okay, HR, now’s your chance to make your case as to why organizational culture is in your baileywick. Today at 1pm, Maddie and I are doing another edition of our new #CultureChat on Twitter, and the topic is HR’s role in culture. (And if you’re in HR, please help spread the word!)

I’ve had some pretty tough words for HR over the last few years, both on the blog and on stage. Don’t get me wrong–I love HR and feel there is ample brilliance, innovation, and chutzpah in that department to help create really powerful organizations. But sometimes I wonder if HR really understands itself. So let’s talk about HR and culture on Twitter and see what happens!

Thursday, February 19, 1pm, using the hashtag, #culturechat. Put it on your calendar, because Maddie and I and the fine people at will be running a new #culturechat every other week from here on in.

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