Friday Quote: Free Your Mind

Since I have been asking people to step outside of their comfort zone a little this week, I’ll close it out with a quote from Chapter 9 in Humanize, How to Be Courageous. It’s from the section on creating a culture that understands and values learning. One of the underlying cultural assumptions that we identified, we labelled “Free Your Mind” (pp. 231-32):

Freeing your mind means you are not willing to be constrained by the conventional wisdom, best practices, and dogmas of current organizational life. It’s not that you get to disregard realities like accounting, revenue, the law, or policies. It’s not extreme freedom. It’s actually letting go of preconceived notions or thoughts that are comforting but not based in fact. It’s refusing to be limited by the “that’s not the way things are done around here” mindset. Free minds form the foundation of a learning culture, because more opportunities are opened.