Getting Past the Easy Part

Thanks to Chris Bailey for linking to my recent post quoting the poet David Whyte. I included that quote because the word “conversation” had leapt out at me. Interestingly, it was the word “belong” that jumped out for Chris.

When an actual spirit of belonging is present, it’s a dynamic and inspiring thing to behold. It not only energizes the individual, it invigorates the group. Yet, all too often, we get the agreement to join and stop there. Joining is the easy part. Cultivating a spirit of belonging takes work, preparation, and, as David Whyte notes, a willingness to curiously study what it means to belong to your group, your set of shared values, and your organization.

Chris is right on the money here: joining is the easy part. And too often, once we succeed at the easy part, we won’t go any further. That’s one of the downsides of success.