Hiring for Culture Fit is on the next #CultureChat

Hiring for Culture Fit is on the next #CultureChat

This month’s culture chat is going to focus on hiring for culture fit (Thursday, 1pm eastern, on twitter; use hashtag #culturechat).

In the research Maddie and I did for When Millennials Take Over, we found some pretty amazing companies. They were all doing great by traditional success metrics, and they were particularly successful in hiring great people and keeping their turnover low. And although they were different sizes, different industries, and different regions, they did have one thing in common: they hired with culture fit specifically in mind. One of them–Menlo Innovations, a custom software company–specifically said they hire for “kindergarten skills” and have no problem teaching their software designers new coding languages or other technical competencies, but they must possess those basic kindergarten skills or they don’t get in the door.

So we’d like to hear your perspectives on this issue. We’ve been having some very active discussions at #culturechat so far, so join us tomorrow at 1pm eastern for a discussion on hiring for culture fit. Here are our draft questions:

  • Q1: What does “culture fit” really mean at your organization?
  • Q2: How do you balance culture fit and competency/skills in your hiring?
  • Q3: What different (out of the box?) practices do you use to recruit/hire for culture fit?
  • Q4: Does hiring for culture fit hinder your efforts to increase diversity?
  • Q5: Do you tie other HR processes (e.g., performance reviews) into culture fit?

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