Humanize Available for Pre-Order

Humanize CoverI am not sure if it is bad luck to buy a book before you have actually finished writing it, but if so, I'm too late! The book that Maddie Grant and I have been writing for the last six months is almost done (we're finishing up the last couple of chapters in the next two weeks), and we are very excited to announce that it is already up for pre-order on Amazon!

We are very happy with how the book is coming together. The full title is Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World. Our main thesis is that today's social world demands a different kind of organization–not one that was built on a machine-centric model that has been dominant for the last century. When we look at all the amazing things being accomplished in the world of social media, we see a different set of principles in action, more focused on what it means to be human. So we developed a framework for making changes to organizational culture, process, and behavior based on these new principles. The book is very practical and encourages action as well as pushes your thinking. We believe you can start to change these things no matter where you are in the organization. We'll be sharing more in the coming months leading up to the September release. 

The Amazon release date is September 27th, though I'm told those change sometimes. But if you want to check it off your to-do list, feel free to purchase a copy now, and they'll ship it to you when it comes out. We are also told that it will be available in all e-pub formats (Kindle, Nook, iBook, etc.), but you can't preorder those. 

Writing a book has been an awesome, albeit tiring, experience. I am really excited that Maddie and I are going to be bringing these ideas out to a wider audience.


  1. 27.05.2011 at 10:05 am

    This is a brilliant concept, Jamie. I am ordering mine now, can’t wait to read it.