It’s the People, Stupid

Not having time to write my blog is easy when other people do it for me! Today I just have to point to Hugh MacLeod’s awesome post from a few days ago called "the cultural problem." In short, he was commenting on the fact that large tech companies, once they become large, all start acting the same way. His explanation:

They have lots of capital- human, financial, intellectual, technical etc etc.

But they will also have a lot of baggage. Lots and lots of different entrenched positions to defend. Thousands of them.

So they way I see it, their problem isn’t "material". Their problem is CULTURAL.

It’s not the sum of their parts that is the problem; it’s the way human beings relate with each other, interact with each other, that is causing the problem.

One of the commenters on his post agreed:

The sad truth remains that everything in business is about people, their interactions with each other and the ideas and assumptions that shape those interactions.

I’m not sure it’s just the tech business that suffer this way: finance, manufacturing, airlines and – god bless, em – government agencies are just as delusional about this stuff.

Feel free to add "associations" to that list.