New Coaching Program for Stronger Cultures

coachingOne of our biggest challenges when it comes to building a strong and powerful culture is the fact that no one has “build a strong and powerful culture” in their job description. And, frankly, if you do have something to that effect in your job description, it usually sinks to the bottom of the priority list. It’s not what your customers, your bosses, or your colleagues are asking for. There are too many other things that demand your attention, so culture work takes a back seat.

But if you’ve read this far, then you probably know that’s a mistake. Stronger cultures bring performance improvements that can grow like compound interest. But here’s the catch: no one is going to magically give you the space to do this work. You have to claim it. You have to step up and get it done, even though you have tons of other things to do.

And I want to help. I have created a new coaching program to support leaders at any level in the organization who are trying to improve their culture. The program is simple and to the point. I’ll start you off with a bit of homework to identify where you need to focus, and then we’ll meet on the phone twice a month (and email as much as you need) to help you keep moving forward on building a stronger culture. The point is to help you give culture the attention it needs, in spite of your busy schedule. Keep the ball moving forward. It’s the only way you’ll see results.

Read more here, or email me to start the conversation.

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