I am settling into my new job (translation: I’m diving in head first!), so blog posts are still slow in coming these days, and once again I’ll rely on others to do the heavy lifting.

Today I point to a post on the Brand Militia blog about strategy. The first paragraph caught my attention:

This wouldn’t be the first time I have over-simplified something, but often it seems like there is way too much over-thinking when it comes to strategy.  Maybe the the truth is somewhere in the middle …

I like it because there is a lot of over-thinking about strategy (I’m guilty of this, of course) and I’m a big fan of finding "truth in the middle."

Here’s the rest of his post. He presents a hierarchy of strategy: vision, systems, execution; with each level requiring different types of people leading it.

I’m not seeing a clear epiphany yet, but I’d be curious of others’ reactions.

Jamie Notter