One of my mantras is that workplace culture isn’t as complicated, difficult, vague, etc. as we make it out to be. I’m not saying it’s super simple and easy, but it’s definitely something we all can handle. And since we push it away as “too complex,” we lack a tangible vocabulary for it, which only serves to reinforce our (inaccurate) conclusion that culture is hard.

To help leaders get out of that loop, I created a short booklet that we actually printed out and occasionally mail to CEOs (I know, how 1998!). The 3 things I cover in the booklet are elemental:

  1. What is culture?
  2. What are the building blocks of culture?
  3. How do you change culture?

And since it is actually 2019, we also created a digital version. Check it out here.

And if you want a hard copy to casually leave on your CEO’s desk, let me know!

Jamie Notter