I thought last week's webinar on beyond relevance was tremendous fun. I believe we had close to 100 sites participating. The Chat and Twitter stream were quite active, and I was happy with the conversation going on and the questions they were throwing to Jeff, Ken, Nedra, and me. I thought our conversation was productive and we were able to build off the points we were making. I'll post my content "debrief" of the conversation on the Beyond Relevance Blog.

The next two webinars are scheduled for March 16 and March 31, but one thing I really like about this project is the variety of avenues for participation. Check out the following conversation spaces:

Beyond Relevance Blog, with posts so far by Paul Gannon at TMA Resources, Ken Wolff, Mark Drapeau, Jeff De Cagna, Maddie Grant, and me. 

The #beyondrelevance twitter stream.

Check out the photos from the first webinar on the TMA Resources Facebook Fan page.

Soon I think I will be able to post links to the recording of the first session.

Jamie Notter