David Gammel did a nice post (referring to his conference presentation) about innovation last week, so I’m going to jump on that bandwagon. There is a story about learning organizations in MIT’s Sloan Management Review, and it starts like this:

Nearly every organization has rightfully made innovation a priority, and management journals dedicate significant column inches to hwo to manag innovation.

Hmmm. Not in the association community. I know Jeff, our community’s resident expert on innovation, would agree. I think it is significant that innovation (which, as Gammel points out, is not exactly rocket science) has already moved BEYOND the norm in business, but still is kept at arm’s length in associations.

The article goes on to describe research linking innovation to organizations with a high "organizational learning capacity." Specifically, these are organizations that:

  1. experiment
  2. take risks
  3. interact with the external environment
  4. use dialogue and participative decision making

Hmmm again.

Jamie Notter